Funny find on my adventures

So on one of my adventures through route 66, I was at a train station and I saw all these candy bars lined up. I started looking through them and this little jewel caught my eye lol, It was so different and hilarious at the time, I had no choice but to try it(who doesn’t love bacon anyways) and it had potato chips in it. When i opened it up and took a good bite out of it, it was actually really good and blended well together with the chocolate bacon and potato chips. Its cool to find new and fun things when your travelling through different places, such a good candy bar wish I bought more to hold on to forever.


2 thoughts on “Funny find on my adventures

  1. mk says:

    I made a trek to Greenwich England just to be at the prime meridian. It was noon-ish, I was hungry. I saw a sign that said “mushy peas & eels”. I took a picture but I did not partake. And, I wouldn’t fight you for that candy bar, but I’m glad you tried it.


    • Haha there’s some funny stuff to try in the world, I actually would probably try the mushy peas and eel just to say I tried some crazy food in England, and now I’m wishing I had another pigs n taters candy bar to try again as I’m writing this comment lol.


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