Top 10 Body Weight Excersises You Can Do At Home

1. Pull-Ups — Of course you will need a pull-up bar to get this done. Start with negatives if you cannot do a proper pull-up yet.

2. Push-Ups — Regular push-ups are fine, but do diamond push-ups to make things more challenging. If you are looking for a harder challenge still, use rings to do your push-ups.

3. Dips — Dips can be performed using rings, bars, or even just a chair.

4. Squats — Squats are probably the single most important exercise you can do. Do not neglect to workout your legs. If you can, add weight to your squats.

5. Planks — Strengthen that core. Do side planks for more of a challenge.

6. Lunges — Another leg exercise. You can also do a reverse lunge with added weight.

7. L-Sits — This is exercise is best done using bars, but the floor is also an option.

8. Handstands — Start by using a wall to support you, then work your way to the real thing.

9. Squat Jumps — When these get too easy, do some burpees.

10. Rows — For this exercise, I use my pull-up bar and a couple of stools. To make things more difficult, tuck your legs in when you do it.


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