English is a very PHUNNY language




Don’t give up on English.  French:——-N’est-ce pas ?  English——Right ?tebut ADUMBRATE:—-foreshadow or reveal. to overshadow or conceal, to outline in a shadowy way —or to reveal some, conceal some. 

There are combinations of words that don’t  make sense.  RAISE means to build up.  RAZE means to tear down.  The opposite of FASTEN is LOOSEN but UNFASTEN and UNLOOSEN are the same.  If you look over something, you give it a good look.  If you overlook it, you don’t look at it at all.  If you oversee it, you give it a good look again. 

The word AWFUL used to mean something AWE-INSPIRING, like a Cathedral but the kids who go there on Sundays said, ” You ever see such an awful Church ?”  “No, I’ve seen Churches, but this takes the cake for awful,” and they would make gagging sounds, and the word acquired the meaning it has now. 

According to the rules, you…

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