Keep going, Find Yourself

You’ll come back stronger, smarter, don’t be afraid of failure , use it to learn, see where you don’t want to be, feel where you don’t want to be, to feel that passion about where you want to be. You can find yourself, and then be able to create that map, to get to your dreams!


More Moorea!


Waking up looking at the tall ceiling – the wooden structure with the cross patterns of straws, ahhh it wasn’t a dream, we really stayed in an overwater bungalow!

It was probably the tallest ceiling of all the hotel rooms we have stayed in! Walking out to the terrace, the blue sky and white clouds were still there! While hubby was getting ready, I took a morning walk with my camera:

Fresh air and beautiful view! I looked down and saw a school of yellow fishes, the water was that crystal clear!

I enjoyed my few minutes of having paradise all to myself!

I walked back to our overwater bungalow and hubby was ready to go! We went to the Arii Vahine Restaurant for our breakfast (free cold breakfast if you are a gold or diamond member and supplement for a hot breakfast). The restaurant is in a big hut with huge chandelier made…

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