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Altruism, The practice and principle of using actions to benefit others, expecting nothing in return.

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Skiing in Matrei & Kals am Großglockner, Austria

Great view

Life Hopping

I have been wanting to ski in the Großglockner Resort Kals-Matrei for a while. It is only about 20 minutes away from Lienz and is a slightly bigger resort than the Zettersfeld/Hochstein resort we have here. image-15

We arrived in Matrei early and although the lift doesn’t officially open until 9am we were on it by 8:45. The resort has two sides to it, that of Matrei and that of Kals and is connected by a gondola. Overall it was an awesome place to ski. It isn’t a huge resort, but we found enough runs to entertain us from 9am to about 4pm with a brief stop for lunch and then later another for a cheeky beer.

It may have been because most people had gone back to work or school, but we didn’t queue once for any of the lifts and we had pretty much every piste to ourselves before…

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Cabo San Lucas

Awesome place

The Lotus Life

What is there really to say about Cabo San Lucas? Doesn’t the name speak for itself? It does if you have been there. All it took was the first trip that I went on back in 2008. I was instantly hooked. It was beautiful, weather was amazing, and the food was great. We go almost every year to every other year. We own a timeshare at Playa Grande and absolutely love it. Now remember we live in California the weather here is usually always nice, but come October, we like to take the short flight over there for a week or two.

There is so much to do there from the hanging out around the pool, participating in water activities at Medano Beach during the day to bar and club hopping at night. I know that some people think it’s a dangerous place to go and I don’t think so…

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Motivate The World

Steven Inspire

steven help

It’s such a positive thing when you give someone, an idea, a mindset, that they can take, and be driven by, motivated by. Something awesome you can give to friends and others. There’s so much going on in the, day by day of the world, where it becomes very easy to get stuck in a one track cycle of doing the same things day in day out, or just becoming comfortable and not making the biggest impact on the world, and for yourself, as much as you would like. There’s been times where a friend would call me asking for advice, and i would give them a mindset, a picture, a ideal, along with different ideas for their situation, where they would become so motivated and inspired, almost as if a new breath of life was put into them, with such a new outlook, and drive to put forth the…

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Consciousness, Creativity, Open Your Mind.

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If you have a golf ball size consciousness, when you read a book you’ll have a golf ball size understanding. When you look out, a golf ball size awareness, and when you wake up in the morning a golf ball size wakefulness, but if you can expand that consciousness, then you can read the book with more understanding, you look out more awareness, and when you wake up more wakefulness.  It’s consciousness, and there’s an ocean of pure vibrant consciousness inside of each and everyone of us, and its right at the source and base of mind, right at the source of thought, and it’s also at the source of all matter.

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